Raw Polished

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Our raw polished is now back in stock! Get them while they are still available.

This is an un-coated model that has been hand polished to a high gloss on the outside and sand blasted on the inside. This surface finish will mark during everyday use and is for the person who likes the lived in look. Like a good pair of jeans, it will acquire patina unique to the owner. 
Obtainium wallets are made from aircraft grade Aluminum this gives them outstanding durability and a hand feel unlike anything else.
Cards are used for most purchases these days so we created a quick insertion and removal system. All the inner surfaces are tapered to allow cards to slide easily under the strap. Our unique strap system is what we call the "cash bridge" it is the key to how the Obtainium wallet holds items securely, while making it easy to access your cards, with or without opening the wallet!
- The Sexiest wallet around!
- Built to last (Cut from a solid block of Aircraft Aluminum)
- Completely stain proof, will not degrade from liquids like leather or fabric wallets do.
- Will hold 8 cards and some cash or 10 cards no cash
- Blocks RFID skimming
- Items won’t fall out - holds items more securely than a normal wallet.
- Tapered edges and slim design slide easily into tight jeans pockets. Will fit in front pockets. 
- Longer lasting than a fabric wallet! Won't stretch, sag or rip and will maintain it's appearance far longer than leather!
- Future-proof, soon all cards will convert to RFID. Further down the road cash will be obsolete. Functionality gets better with age.
- Just 15mm thick, 100 mm x 70 mm (W) - (0.59" thick x 3.39" x 2.75") - 86 grams weight (3 oz)
- Leave one side vacant and you can hold a number of objects like flash drives, lighters or half eaten cookies!
- Quick access to cards, with or without opening it!
- Keeps everything neat and tiny for your inner OCD.
- Satisfaction guarantee.
- 5 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.
- Free Shipping