Jeb Corliss signature model


* This model is now in super limited edition status* We have 1pc left in stock and will not be making any more.


The Jeb Corliss signature model comes exclusively in our "black ultra-hard coat". 

While our colored hard anodize coatings are highly scratch and abrasion resistant this coating is extremely scratch resistant. You would be hard pressed to break the surface with anything other than a sharp hardened steel tool. You can put keys or coins in your pocket and not worry about the coating being damaged. Not only that, the wallet is completely water and stain proof. 

Made with a no compromise design philosophy and the highest quality materials its the ultra durable, go anywhere do anything wallet you can depend on. 

Jeb is hard on equipment and rocks entirely black flight gear with a style like no other. Now you can rock one too. 

- Satisfaction guarantee.
- 5 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.
- Free Shipping