Black - Ultra hard coat
Black - Ultra hard coat Black - Ultra hard coat Black - Ultra hard coat
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This Black "Ultra hard" coating is thicker than our standard hard anodize coating. While both are extremely wear and scratch resistant, this is version will give a little more wear resistance.
The Obtainium wallet is for people who want to simplify their life and appreciate refined quality and design.
Made from aircraft grade aluminum and scratch-resistant hard anodize coated to a satin texture; this gives it outstanding durability and a hand feel unlike anything else.  Not to mention it is completely stain proof and will not degrade and breakdown like leather or fabric wallets do overtime.Won't stretch, sag or rip and will maintain it's appearance far longer than leather!

Its tough exterior not only protects your cards against damage but also protects you against RFID skimming theft by blocking data scanning. 

Cards are used for most purchases these days so we created a quick insertion and removal system. All the inner surfaces are tapered to allow cards to slide easily in and out under the strap. Our unique strap system called the "cash bridge" holds your items securely insuring they wont fall out, but still making it easy to access your cards, with or without opening the wallet!
We recommend not storing more than 8 cards + some cash or 10 cards + no cash...better yet leave one side empty and you can hold a number of objects like flash drives, lighters or half eaten cookies!

Dimensions: Just 15mm thick, 100 mm x 70 mm (W) - (0.59" thick x 3.39" x 2.75") - 86 grams weight (3 oz)

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5 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.