A small sample of the media's reaction to our products:


Thrill List - " In the distant future... everything will be plastic, leaving natural fiber and animal skin wallets without paper currency as justification for their existence. Meanwhile the softened edges of its exterior reduce wear on your pants pockets and adjoining organs"


Cool Material - "The latest (wallet) is from Obtainium (not to be confused with the mineral from Avatar). The battle tested aluminum wallets are designed to provide extreme durability while keeping your cards and cash in a sleek little holster"


Leveled Mag - "Since most purchasing is done with cards these days they’ve created a quick insertion and removal system"


Trend Hunter - "For those who don’t carry around “murses” (male purses) finding the right wallet can be a tad difficult. Trying to find the right style as well as one that will fit all of one’s belongings without the bulk can be hard—hence why this sleek wallet will solve all of those problems and more"


Materialicious - "Obtainium Wallets are extremely durable, yet slim and sleek. They store 8 credit cards and cash without adding bulk to your pockets"


Mocoloco - "Well in the running for ultimate minimal man-fold, the Obtainium Wallet is sleek and no-nonsense, a flip open affair that holds cards at the ready with its unique slip-under-strap system"


Oh Gizmo - "Now you can grab the card you need without even having to open the wallet–and this is all thanks to Obtainium’s unique insertion and removal system."


Rich Vibe - "Battle Tested Wallets"


Tools and Toys - "the Obtainium Wallet might be my new favorite"


Attention Media: We love being talked about. Our media pack with images and text is available for download here