How does it work? Explain it to me in simple terms.

The Obtainium wallet is a bi-fold design with two identical inner areas for card and cash storage. The inner areas fit bank cards, business cards, folded notes, receipts etc. The great thing about the Obtainium wallet is that it’s extremely easy to slide in your cards regardless if the wallet is open or closed. The cash bridge holds your items securely.

How do I know I will like it?

It is for people who want to simplify their life.  For those who appreciate refined quality and design. If you appreciate a Ducati you are going to like it. The Obtainium wallet makes an emotional statement that other wallets just can’t match. It achieves this through its combination of minimalist design and high quality industrial grade materials. On top of these attributes it’s also extremely simple and easy to use. It also keeps all your items neatly arranged, satisfying your inner OCD!

How do cards fit in there?

Obtainium is designed to be as space efficient as possible. It has space for 10 cards or 8 cards and some cash. These days’ people don’t need to carry as much cash as they used to, and most people only use 4 or 5 cards regularly. The design naturally prevents wallet bloat that plagues leather wallets.

How do I access a card that is in the middle?

This is the beauty of our design; you can slide the stack of cards out slightly and simply slide the other cards back to access the one you need in the middle.

Will I be more attractive to women if I buy this wallet?

Not really, but the car you drive, your cell phone, the clothes you wear and your wallet make a statement of who you are and what you stand for. Pull out an Obtainium wallet and it makes a statement that you aren’t conventional or boring, and you like to use well designed and tasteful products.

How durable is this Aluminium wallet?

The Obtainium wallet will outlive any leather wallet due to the materials used and a reduction in the number of components. The hard Anodised coating on the Aluminium wallet is very durable in terms of scratch and abrasion resistance. After many years of use the coating will wear to an attractive patina while the Aluminium will not degrade to do moisture, sunlight, harsh chemicals or stains.

What sort of warranty do you give?

We warrant our products for 3 years for defects in materials and workmanship.

Will my stuff fall out of this wallet?

No, what kind of crap wallet would that be? The flexible strap system holds your items in tight and secure. You can hold the wallet upside down and shake it and the items will not fall out. In fact, it holds things more securely than most bi-fold wallets.

Why is this better than the other new innovative design wallets out there?

We took a totally no compromise approach to the design with equal importance given to aesthetics, ease of use and durability. Some of our competitors may have come close on one of these aspects but not all three.

Should I put this in my pocket with keys and coins or my phone?

It can happily go in the pocket with keys and coins, the finish is very durable. Due to the wallets hard wearing surface, it may scratch your phone.

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