We recently did an interview with buymedesign.com the questions below explain what makes Obtainium tick. 

"You had great success on Kickstarter, what do you think is the product’s mass appeal?"
The Obtainium wallet was designed with an obsessive love and attention to details that most products just don’t get. During the development our only concern was to give the user the best experience possible. We were not going to compromise to make it easier or cheaper to manufacture. Although these things are not immediately obvious to potential buyers I think it shows when you compare our product to others that meet a similar need. Our customers love them and tell us they are always recommending them to their friends or anyone they meet.

"Your product is sleek and stylish, but is also very utilitarian. How does style interact with functionality?"
We want our products to have a strong connection with the user; this means the aesthetic is part of the function. It’s not any less or more important than the utilitarian aspects of the design. Whether its function or looks they all have to be at the highest standard we can achieve, or the user experience will be diminished. We want people to love our products.

"Is there another male accessory that needs the Obtainium treatment?"
There are many men’s accessories that need the Obtainium treatment. But we will only get into the market for a particular accessory if we can create a product that people will love, will last a long time and hopefully become a timeless design classic. Be sure more interesting products to come, but we are not letting the cat out of the bag just yet!

Obtainium consist of an American, two Aussies and a Swede. 
With each of us having around 10 years of product development experience, we know what it takes to go from an idea, to real product. We also understand the many pitfalls that can put a project in jeopardy or weaken its design intent. Hong Kong is a major hub for design and manufacturing and this is where we all met. 
Now 50% of our team reside there. This gives us the advantage of close supplier contact and constant quality control.
Contact us at info@obtainium.co


    Luke Ritchie CEO--------------Craig Nottage COO---------------John Adams CFO------------Anders Hellberg CEA