This is 5 sets of replacement O-rings.

10 rings in total. Free shipping.


Installation directions

  • When replacing the O-ring be sure to only use the corner of a bank card to push it in.
  • Sharp or metal objects should not be used.
  • Before use check from the outside of the wallet if the O-ring is fully seated on its metal retainer post. If it is not fully seated it may come off during use. 


Tip; To increase lifespan of the O-ring, insert cards from the closed side of the wallet. This prevents the cards rubbing directly on the O-ring. 


Our O-rings are designed for industrial uses. It may be possible to find them at a specialty hardware store. 

Feel free to buy from another source if you can find the same specification. If the specification is not exactly the same however we cannot guarantee good performance, durability or the ability to hold your cards in tightly. 


32mm Inside Diameter

1.5mm Thickness

70 Shore hardness

Material; NBR